Boating Accessories

Perdue Marine’s Boating Accessory Department is where the fun begins. Once you’ve decided on the boat that meets your family’s needs, head into our showroom for a full range of must-have boat supplies and accessories for your whole family – even your pet pooch!


New memories await to be made for your family and friends with boating accessories made for fun on the water. You will find a selection of exciting towables for any lake craft, designed to pull single or multi-riders. A standard boat ski tube, for instance, is similar to a large inflatable inner tube. Some may have a “floor” on the inside of the doughnut hole – others may be open. The ski tube will have handles on top and riders can improvise different riding positions.

Wakeboards and Kneeboards

Wakeboards at Perdue Marine, from the makers of Hyperlite Wake Co., give both the beginner and those more advanced in the watersport the opportunity to develop or improve their skills. You will find bindings, vests, handles and tow lines to make your ride safe and secure.

Experience the excitement of Hydroslide kneeboards and accessories for another cool ride idea on a hot summer day.


Waterskis from HO Sports remain among the top sellers at Perdue Marine. HO waterskis and accessories are known for imagination and innovation to keep you on the water and living life to the fullest. Imagine gliding on the water with that true sense of freedom or throwing your biggest trick to impress friends!

Browse our Perdue Marine showroom and discover new ways to have even more fun on the water this summer. Visit our 6-acre showroom, storage and service center located on the corner of IL routes 72 & 73 near Lake Carroll, Illinois. 815-493-2655.