Boat Docks and Lifts

Shopping for a residential boat dock and boat lift can be a daunting task. Perdue Marine takes the guesswork out of the process no matter what shoreline you call home. A Max Dock System and Max VL Pro Lifts provide user-friendly engineering to deliver unmatched stability and a wide range of customizable options to fit your configuration requirements.


The Max Dock System from Perdue Marine is built with 4-inch tall stringers supporting a variety of tread options: aluminum, anodized aluminum, ThruFlow® and treated wood decking. Fully welded frames are standard and decks are available in 3’, 4’ and 5’ widths.

Mill-Finish Aluminum Decking offers equal strength to anodized aluminum decking in a more budget-friendly package. It boasts the same fully welded frame for strength and lasting integrity and it will not rust or deteriorate. Raised grooves in the deck surface offer slip resistance and a comfortable walking surface.

ThruFlow® Decking features a superior non-slip surface and excellent durability. The open lattice design permits sunlight and water to pass through the deck surface. Anodizing seals the aluminum surface with a non-porous coating for protection and ease of cleaning. Anodized aluminum is strong, durable and remains cool and comfortable to walk on even in hot weather with direct sunlight.

Max Dock Treated Wood Dock uses a MicroPro® treatment that does not react with the aluminum stringers, and offers excellent protection against weathering. Wood Dock provides a classic look for your lake home or cabin – and is our most affordable option. Paint, stain or treatment can be applied to suit your taste.