Perdue Marine Services

Boat Storage

A key component of boat ownership is the question of where to keep your boat when you’re not using it. Like all boat owners, you want to feel safe about your boat in the offseason. At Perdue Marine we know that budget, convenience and availability play into the equation and should be part of your decision to choose Perdue Marine to meet your boat storage and service needs.

Safe & Secure

Perdue Marine is well-equipped to provide safe, secure and affordable storage for your boat, pontoon or personal watercraft (PWC). Our fenced and lighted lot with 3 large, paved storage buildings offer an indoor capacity for over 400 racked boats. Each building is 24-hour alarm secured and is part of our 6-acre complex which includes showroom, service center and headquarter offices.

Winter and Summer Storage

Indoor storage for the winter provides valuable protection from our harsh Midwest winter conditions which can severely damage boats if stored outside – even with shrink wrapping. Winter storage should be planned from September through April. In the spring all boats receive a Summerization checklist report on condition and suggestions for attention or repair.

Summer storage services are provided for boat owners who want their boats stored during weekdays or whenever not in use. With a simple phone or email notification, Perdue Marine staff will leave the boat outside for pre-arranged pickup and the boat can then be dropped off for storage again until it’s time for use.


When the temperature falls below freezing, if there is water inside your engine or gear case, the result can be a cracked block or housing. Our certified Perdue Marine staff can prevent this unhappy circumstance by putting your boat’s engine, battery, lines, filters and fittings to bed properly at the end of the boating season – regardless of brand.

Perdue Marine will service your craft to manufacturer’s brand recommendations and will use their products or products of same quality.

Services include: Stabilize fuel • Check battery & disconnect • Drain block & add antifreeze –I/O, Outboard & PWC • Change lower unit lubes • Change water and fuel filters • Visual check of engine • Grease all fittings • Change with synthetic oil & filter.

Bottom Cleaning: Remove lime & algae with chemical and high-pressure washer (lift off trailer) and soap wash outside of boat.

Interior Boat Cleaning Will be done as part of the winterizing process and includes:

  • Pressure wash carpet with hot water and clean the upholstery • Exterior wash & wax

Other services such as Exterior Buff Out and Bimini Top will be quoted upon request.

Transportation Service Pick up (Return will be billed in the spring.) Deadline for pulling boats is October 15th. Options include: Lake Carroll Marina to our store • Lake Carroll waterfront to our store • Additional transport options are available upon request.

Dock & Boat Lift Removal Options include: boat lift removal, lift with canopy removal, haul lift to store, swim rafts, fixed docks, PWC ports & PWC lifts, Pontoon docks, Docks not stabilized/Put on shore, Docks stabilized/Put on shore, Docks hauled to store.

Winter Repair: Estimates provided for boat and engine repair/maintenance upon request.