Perdue Marine’s Boating Equipment & Accessory Department is where the fun begins. Once you’ve decided on the boat that meets your family’s needs, head to our showroom for a full range of must-have boat supplies and accessories for your whole family – even your pet pooch!

Ropes & Anchors

Braided nylon rope for anchors & deck lines have great strength, are affordable and more resistant to harmful sunlight. Your choice of anchor depends on the size and type of your boat, weather and anchoring conditions. Perdue Marine will recommend the right anchor, dock bumpers, ladders, and flags for your boating safety. We also cut rope to your specific lengths for bulk or any custom needs.


You’ll find a selection of exciting towables for any lake or river craft, designed to pull single or multi-riders. Some tube inflatables may have an “air floor” on the inside of the doughnut hole – others may be open with handles with knuckle guards on top. Experienced riders can improvise different riding positions with your choice of Perdue Marine top-brand designs.

Boards & Skis

Wakeboards, kneeboards, paddle boards and skis give both the beginner and more advanced the opportunity to develop or improve their skills. Select bindings, handles and tow lines from Perdue Marine to make your ride safe and secure. Picture gliding on the water or throwing your biggest trick to impress friends!

Life Jackets

A properly outfitted boat from Perdue Marine gives you a head start for safety. Through consultation we’ll ask the ages and approximate size of those who will occupy your boat for selection of the right life jackets. Illinois state law requires children under 13 years of age to wear a properly fitted Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while the boat is underway.

Maui Mats

Create your own floating island with a flexible, buoyant Maui Mat from Perdue Marine… you can sit, recline, play, stand or even walk atop these amazing floating foam pads! Use it as a staging area on the water for wakeboarding, skiing, paddle boarding or relaxing near the dock. Offered in sizes from 6 feet wide by 14 to 22 feet long.

14‘ x 6’ x 1-3/8”

Weighs 21 lbs.

Holds 1,000 lbs.


20‘ x 6’ x 1-3/8”

Weighs 32 lbs.

Holds 1,400 lbs.


Paradise Pads

Who wouldn’t want to float in paradise? American made ParadisePads from Perdue Marine are built to hold 1,400 pounds and comes with 10′ tether.

6′ x 18′

Comes with 10′ tether to tie to boat or anchor

Holds 1400 lbs.