A key part of boating at Lake Carroll is knowing where to keep your boat and trailer safe and secure when you’re not using it. Like all boat owners, you want to feel safe about storing your boat in the offseason or even at times during the summer. At Perdue Marine we know that budget, convenience, and availability are important in your decision when choosing Perdue Marine for all your boating storage and service needs.

Safe & Secure

Perdue Marine has the resources to provide safe, secure, and cost-effective on-site storage for your boat, pontoon, or personal watercraft (PWC) and its trailer. Our fenced, lighted lot with 4 large storage buildings offer an indoor capacity for over 500 boats.

Winter Inside Storage

Your boating investment needs indoor protection against our harsh Midwest winters that can severely damage boats stored outside. Plan your winter storage from September through April. In the spring, you’ll receive a detailed “summerizing” checklist report on your boat’s condition, and suggestions are made for any items that need attention or repair.

Summer Inside Storage

Summer storage services are provided for boat owners who want their boats stored during weekdays or whenever not in use. With a simple phone call or email, Perdue Marine staff will leave the boat outside for pre-arranged pickup, and the boat can then be dropped off for storage again until it’s time again for use. Inside trailer storage is also a convenient option for boat owners.

Boat Transportation for Storage Customers

How do you get your boat, dock, and trailer from the water to and from storage? Convenient watercraft pickup and delivery service by Perdue Marine is available with handy online Plan Ahead forms or a phone call to the office.

Options include:

  • Lake Carroll Marina to / from our storage facility.
  • Lake Carroll waterfront to / from our storage facility.
  • Additional transport options are available upon request.