Finding the right boat involves maintaining a relationship of trust and respect for your family needs and budget. At the Perdue Marine showroom, our full selection of boating products can be reviewed, compared with others, and evaluated for how the craft will be used, its performance specifications, design options, and price.

Water-Tested Before Delivery

You wouldn’t ordinarily buy a car without test driving it first. Boats are no different. You want to know both its strengths and weaknesses (if any). All Perdue Marine boats are water-tested before delivery, and we’ll spend time with you to learn and be comfortable with the boat you purchased. Our certified technicians take pride in treating your new boat just like their own.

Pre-Launch Prep

Check the boat trailer (tires, frame, wheel bearings, lights); ensure your insurance policy is current; check required certificates: registration, number display, and permits. Plan how you will be using your boat, prepare a checklist for equipment needed, and carry-on items for friends and family.

Engines & Gauges

Experienced Perdue Marine staff will inspect and water-test performance of temperature, oil, fuel and helm gauges, water pump, impellers, and engine sensors. Power feed from ignition and ground connection for navigation lighting circuits and alarm switches are tested. Engine performance is tested under varying water and weather conditions.

Stem-to-Stern Inspection

Inspection and testing will differ for pontoon or deck boat. The hull is checked for structural integrity, lifting strakes and tubes for pontoons, anchor locker, handrails, deck, and bow rails. Steps, chaise lounge seating, cockpit drain, helm console and chair, canopy, dock lights, and flooring are checked for any defects.

Safety Checks

Minimum Illinois requirements for recreational boats include properly fitted personal flotation devices: life jackets must be worn by children under age of 13 and anyone being towed on skiis, a tube, or wakeboard. Visual distress signals, type B-1 fire extinguisher, horn, whistle or bell and navigation lights.