Nothing is more frustrating in boating than not being able to start the engine or have something go wrong when you least expect it. We have you covered on most service or repair issues. Our certified technicians at the Perdue Marine Service Center are knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to keep your boat in top running condition for fun on the water.

General Services

  • Major & minor engine repair
  • Steering cable
  • On-water diagnostics
  • Tune-ups


  • Electrical systems
  • Steering systems
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Pontoon & boat parts
  • Prop rebuilding
  • Upholstery & canvas repairs accepted


  • Lights, bearings, tires & wheels
  • Winches, couplers & tongue jacks

Docks & Lifts

  • Repairs
  • Fall Removal
  • Spring Installation


It’s important to prepare your boat or pontoon for the winter months, so that you can be up and running, as soon as warm weather returns in the spring. It’s not as simple as pulling it out of the water and heading for storage. Perdue Marine will help develop a professional plan to protect your investment regardless of brand.

Our certified technicians will service your craft to manufacturer’s brand recommendations and will use either their products or those of same quality.

General Inspection
Winterizing at Perdue Marine begins with a thorough inspection of your boat or pontoon. The hull and sides are checked for hairline cracks, missing rivets or weak joints. The prop may have bends, nicks, or the shaft entangled with fishing line or weeds. All are noted on a checklist.
A cleaning assessment is made for exterior and interior surfaces. Checks are made for console, seats, lights, wiring, cables, safety equipment, and fluid levels.
Engine, Oil & Fuel
Engine is visually checked. Water is drained from engine block, gear case, and antifreeze added for I/O & PWC. Change lower unit lubes and grease all fittings. Change with synthetic oil and filter. Stabilize fuel with our proprietary “fuel cocktail.” Change the fuel & water filters.
Drive Belts & Steering
Belts are inspected and replaced if needed, then tightened and dressed. Pulleys are checked for corrosion. Water line hose and impeller are checked. Check system hydraulic fluid levels and for leaks and check steering connections and cables.
Voltage management is key for long-term battery life. Batteries are checked and disconnected for storage and terminals cleaned. Batteries will be charged as needed.
Other Services
Bimini top cleaning quoted upon request. Engine tune-up and water pumps checked every three years or sooner is recommended.

Boat Detailing

Interior Cleaning
Carpets are hot water pressure washed and upholstery thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.
Exterior Boat Cleaning
Exterior wash with soap and water, and apply protective sealer. Exterior buff-out will be quoted upon request.
Bottom Cleaning
Bottom of hull and pontoons are high pressure chemical washed to remove lime & algae (lifted off trailer). Removal of zebra mussels is available. Removal is required for Perdue Marine boat storage.

Spring Start-up

When the time comes in spring to take your boat out of winter storage, Perdue Marine makes it easy with a technician checklist that includes battery charge, inspection, and replacement when needed on fuel system, belts, cables & hoses, electrical system, fluid levels, and propellers. A thorough report will be provided.

Install/Remove Boat Docks & Lifts

You’ll love our personalized in & out dock and lift service options at the beginning and end of each season:

Removals to your on-site storage:
Boat lifts, lift with canopy, swim rafts, fixed docks, PWC ports & lifts, pontoon docks.

Boat Transportation for Storage Customers

How do you get your boat, dock, and trailer from the water to and from storage? Convenient watercraft pickup and delivery service by Perdue Marine is available with handy online Plan Ahead forms or a phone call to the office.

Options include:

  • Lake Carroll Marina to / from our storage facility.
  • Lake Carroll waterfront to / from our storage facility.
  • Additional transport options are available upon request.

Winter Repair

Upon request, estimates will be provided for boat & engine repair or maintenance performed during the winter months (mid-October through April).