Spring-Boat Return/Pickup

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Thank you for storing your boat(s) with us this season. We are scheduling your pick-up or return to water date. We would encourage you to return this form by April 1st with your chosen date.

Otherwise please allow a minimum of 14 working days lead time for boat preparation and/or delivery of your boat or personal watercraft.

Important Lake Carroll DELIVERY Customers - The Lake Carroll Association requires you to have your NEW Lake Carroll sticker on your boat. PLEASE FORWARD TO US. If your (paid for) sticker is at the POA office, please ask them to hold the sticker for us and we will be happy to pick it up for you. Just let us know. LAKE CARROLL STICKERS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND WE WILL STILL DELIVER YOUR BOAT WITHOUT THE STICKER. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY GIVEN US A DELIVERY DATE. IF YOUR BOAT IS DELIVERED WITHOUT A STICKER YOU MAY RECEIVE A FINE FROM THE LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION.

Please note: All boats that we deliver are required to be summarized so that the battery is fully charged. Thank you.


Includes charging battery, checking electrical, starting boat, and vacuum out boat
Thank you again for allowing us to serve your boating needs.

* Email Address will allow us to email you the date your boat was returned to water.